Crowdsourcing Your Library Program Challenges

Internet @ Schools West 2010, Session S-203
Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 1:30--2:30PM
Presented by Elisabeth Abarbanel, Michelle Fromme, Andrew Shuping, and Buffy Hamilton

About This Session

In this session, a panel of librarian leaders from public school and independent school libraries, academic libraries, and public libraries will model and engage in collaborative problem-solving and participatory librarianship by hosting a panel discussion in which participants will be invited to share challenges they are facing in their library settings. They will create conversations around these challenges and use the “wisdom of the crowd”—that’s YOU—to help explore creative solutions to challenges. Not only will they tap into the energies of participants who are physically present, but they’ll also invite virtual participation from the library community at large who may not be in physical attendance to help contribute to these conversations. They will utilize face to face dialogue as well as virtual means including Poll Everywhere, Skype, Twitter, and other cloud computing applications to expand the “room” and the wisdom that can be gained through personal learning networks.

Session Tweets

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